How To Negotiate Better Rent from Your Commercial Landlord

How To Negotiate Better Rent from Your Commercial Landlord

Planning on moving to a new working place but the rent’s price sounds a bit too high for you? Sounds like a usual problem, especially if you live in a big city like London, where everything might look a bit overpriced. These are 4 tips on how to better negotiate rent with your commercial property management company or landlord.

The Location

First of all, you must know the fact that probably a decent 20% of your rent’s price will be revolving around your office’s location: for example, even if you are planning on renting a small place but it is in the city centre, then chances are that it will be overpriced, but you won’t be able to do that much in terms of negotiations, since your landlord will simply tell you “this is a great location, I can’t go lower”,  so keep that in mind and try to compare them all before actually taking one.

Point Out What’s Wrong With It

Sometimes the place could be in the best, brightest location in the world, but if the actual building has some problems, you will find room to negotiate with your new landlord: first of all, try and see if everything works properly, like the bathroom(s), for example. Those, in fact, are the first place you should properly check. If they have some problems you can start by saying “Given the fact that I will have to go and do some work in it, I think that the price is too high, but we can negotiate”. If the person sees what the problems are, it will be easy to start a negotiation.

Be Honest

A lot of times, people putting on places to rent are asking for too much regardless. If you are starting your first business, you should just tell them that you can’t afford it. Most of the times, landlords will say to you “Ok, so how low can you go?”. Try and take it off from there.

Don’t Be That Guy

Commercial property agents are professionals, so don’t try and come out with new laws that you just invented to get a better price. Try and point out what are your personal reservations about the place and see if there’s room for it, as most of the times, there will. An old man once said, be nice and you will get better things!